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Below are only few of so many good Testimonials and Reviews: from many satisfied patient we had in past: Please Refer To Google and Yelp Review for the originals:



Mia: April 2024: She’s very caring and understands what your needs are.

Naturopathic Doctor (ND) #1 (Owner Reply)

Hi Mia:
in last 2.5 years being our patient we worked on many imbalances in your body esp increasing your GFR from 60 to 85 ! which was done by you and the doctors proper treatments plus doctor balnced your hormones with natural bio-identical hormones and recently adressing yiur thyroud with natural thyroid Rxs and did this by folowing instructions and doinf what was Rxed and yiu saw the good Results .....thanks for being our patient 

D. James Prince: March 2024

Visiting Dr. Rozita, a Naturopathic doctor, was a refreshing and transformative experience for me. From the moment I stepped into her office, I was met with a warm and welcoming environment that immediately put me at ease. Dr. Rozita took the time to listen to my health concerns with great patience and empathy, making me feel truly heard.

Her approach to health is holistic and comprehensive. She didn't just focus on my symptoms, but sought to understand the underlying causes of my health issues. She explained her diagnosis in a way that was easy to understand and provided a personalized treatment plan that included dietary recommendations, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

One of the things I appreciated most about Dr. Rozita was her dedication to educating me about my health. She provided valuable insights into how various factors contribute to well-being and empowered me to take charge of my health journey.

Her knowledge and passion for naturopathic medicine were evident in every interaction. It's clear that she stays up-to-date with the latest research and integrates this knowledge into her practice.

Overall, my experience with Dr. Rozita was incredibly positive. I've seen significant improvements in my health since following her advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate, knowledgeable, and holistic approach to health and wellness. She truly goes above and beyond for her patients.

Shelly Toland:Feb. 2024

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found Dr Rozita Moshtagh. I have struggled with autoimmune most of my life and Dr Rozita has finally brought me real relief. With just a few tweaks to what I was already doing, We have improved my fatigue, my sleep, my bloating and the aches and pains are almost gone. My hormones are getting in check too. Dr Rozita is a great listener and she doesn’t expect perfection from you. Her suggestions are doable! If you ever have a chance to work with her, you should!


1 review

May 2024

I am so happy I decided to seek treatment with Dr. Rozita Moshtagh and am feeling much better already. I had no idea my health was in such dire straights until after my blood work came back and Dr. Rozita made me feel confident that she could help me actually heal and not just throw drugs at me. My mom was on Synthroid for her thyroid and with my weight gain along with not being able to loose weight I figured I suffered from Hypothyroidism but I have more problems than that and thank God I have Dr. Rozita as my doctor because she knows what she is doing to help me with everything. My heart, liver, kidneys, and upper GI needs attention even more than my thyroid and she addresses it all with diet and supplements along with only a few prescription medications and these prescriptions are all compounded from natural ingredients instead of synthetic or petroleum based medications and that is really important to me. If you watch any commercials on any prescription meds the side effects are worse than the health issue they are supposed to help and Dr. Rozita understands our bodies can be healed and not just butchered or polluted with drugs that are used to make big pharma money. I know if I needed surgery or anything more invasive she would recommend and refer if needed but like I said I am thankful I decided to make that first appointment because not only have I lost 18 pounds by changing my diet and taking my meds and supplements along with my energy levels improving and sleeping better than I have in years. I am not always an easy patient but Dr. Rozita follows up and keeps me on trac so that alone sets her apart from other providers, she honestly cares about her patients and that too means a lot to me. Naturopathic Medicine is not out to charge you an unreasonable amounts of money like some other ND's and MD's because I looked into a lot of other providers before deciding on Dr. Rozita and she was the most qualified and her website lays out the prices and treatment very clear and compared to other providers of naturopathic medicine and MD's who accept insurance she has the best prices. We have Cigna and this did cover most of my blood work but we have to meet a quota of like $8K per person before it even starts to cover half of our medical so I would be paying for treatment anyway. This doctor is worth every penny and since she has been my doctor I not only feel physically better but my state of mind has improved, because if your body isn't working properly your emotions, critical thinking and general outlook is compromised. In a nutshell I recommend Dr. Rozita especially if your regular doctor or doctors (since all these modern MD's are so specialized so they don't treat the whole person only their specialty) aren't fixing your health problem or simply passing you off to the next provider.


Psycho-Neurological Condition:

I am so happy to have found Dr. Rozita! She has helped me immensely in treating the root cause of my autoimmune condition amongst other things when I reached rock bottom. The road has not been easy as I had met with her two times before I finally committed to my healing journey, but she has been so supportive throughout it all. When I first started I came in experiencing horrible fatigue, anxiety, pins and needles and stiffness in both hands, numbness in my left arm, facial paralysis of the left side of my face, and these are just to name a few otherwise this post would turn into an essay. Three months have passed since my initial appointment and I’m feeling better than I have ever felt before. The facial paralysis resolved within three weeks, I feel energetic, my anxiety has improved tremendously, the stiffness and pins and needles have reduced substantially and on top of that I have lost 19lbs. The best part of this is that it’s just the beginning. If you are ready to take control of your health and life again, Dr. Rozita is your guide and solution. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and well versed in what she does, she also makes herself available to her clients, but most importantly, she truly cares. Thank you for everything Dr. Rozita! Iris  Sep. 2023

As someone completely new to holistic medicine I was very nervous about seeking care through a naturopathic doctor, but I have been very pleased with my improvement in my overall health including the symptoms from which I was previously suffering. I chose Dr. Moshtagh over many other naturopathic doctors in the San Diego area because her prices are much more reasonable even for paying out of pocket since my HMO insurance unfortunately doesn't cover. That is how I ended up under her care to begin with; my own doctors failed and dismissed me despite dealing with chronic non-sexually transmitted vaginal infections. She accepts PPO insurances which many other naturopathic doctors do not so I would even more so recommend her if you have that and are struggling with the insanity of western medical care.

Dr. Moshtagh is very passionate about her work and helping her patients. She takes time to actually listen to you and is prompt in communication which is made so simple via email and texting. 

Another major appeal to seeking her care over others is she takes a very thorough comprehensive approach via history taking and lab work to determine exactly what supplements you need to heal the root cause of your symptoms.

Not only have I been symptom free (for reference I am 3.5 months in from beginning a healthier diet and 2.5 months in since diet plus supplements) from vaginal infections for the first time in years, I have lost a lot of excess weight, am sleeping better, and have more energy throughout the day. My symptoms significantly improved within a few weeks of beginning the supplements and it was such a relief physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

I would highly recommend Dr. Moshtagh to anyone who is suffering from unexplained recurring infections to break the cycle of treating symptoms only to be disappointed when they inevitably return.

You have to be committed to true healing and it is work, but I feel like there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel to my suffering.

By Stephanie J.   7/13/2022

Sandra Pake: Hypothyroidism/Infalmmation:

6 reviews

a month ago

Mom's health is doing well with Dr moshtagh recommendations after 2 scary ER visits. Her blood pressure has been lowered and since weaned herself off blood pressure meds. It's been almost 2 month with no blood pressure meds and her blood pressure been great. She back to herself and I'd say even healthier. Give Dr Moshtagh a chance if your primary tells u there is nothing they can do. Unlike western medicine naturopathy is way more in depth when it comes to finding out the root cause. Not just put a Bandaid over something using pharmaceuticals. From someone herself who used a naturopath in her 30s after being misdiagnosed for 12 years by traditional DRs I knew 100% when my mom got sick I'd find another great naturopath Dr. And I did. Thx Dr. Rozita Moshtagh.
Plus Dr Rozita put her on natural progesterone and Amour thyroid that helped my mom overall health. Will continue to work with Dr Rozita over the years to make sure mom stays 100%.
Update 7-26-22
The other complaint of my mom is her ankle swelling. With new blood test and updating pills her swelling has gone down significantly and she enjoying walking more. Again thank u for getting mom back up and moving again.

By Telemedicine!

Chenara A: Vaginal Lichen Sclerosis and STD: HPV and Herpes 

1 review: Nov. 2022

I was diagnosed with Lichen sclerosis in 2009 and now hello 2022. Everyone who has LS should go to Dr Rozita, she gave me diet protocol and supplements and vuala 3 months passed I have no symptoms of LS. I was suffering for so many years going to doctors different using steroids and no relief. Dear Dr Rozita I am writing and tears on my face thank you!!!!!! Everyone who sufferes with LS go with ND!

Joneisha Short: Seizure Case :

I've been working with Dr. Rozita for a few months. She's been helping me to heal my seizures. Since working with her I've had less seizures. I see a change in my over all health. By TELEMEDICINE!

Skin Case:

I came to Dr. Rozita Moshtagh with a bad skin rash that persisted for several months. She took a very detailed medical history and comprehensive labs, and helped me find the cause....candida overgrowth and quite a few vitamin deficiencies. After, several months of taking supplements and following the diet she ordered, the rash is mostly gone and I feel more healthy than ever. I have energy and I sleep good...both of which are new to me! I am confident that I will make a full recovery soon.I also recently had a UTI, and she helped me to cure it quickly and without the need for antibiotics.She is also fast to respond to any questions or concerns. I will definitely be coming back to her for any future health concerns for myself or my family.   By Laykin August 2021 Through TELEMEDICINE!

Suong Ho

4 months ago By TELEMEDICINE!

I am a 27 year-old female who struggled with systemic candidiasis for the past 2 years. I did all the medical protocol: Nystatin, Flucanozole, endoscopy, ENT specialist etc. I KNEW I needed to see a naturopath and I found Dr. Rozita based on her reviews. Dr. Rozita took a comprehensive assessment of me via telemedicine. I love the idea of being able to be in the comfort of my home and still get quality care (especially with this pandemic!). She answered all of my questions, and she is always so quick with getting back to my emails or text messages. I am currently unemployed, and Dr. Rozita was still able to work with my budget and provide me with high quality supplements. I now have bowel movements every day, reduced bloating, and reduced candida — and it’s only been 3 weeks being on her protocol. I am so grateful I found Dr. Rozita. If you’re thinking about seeing a naturopath, I highly recommend Dr. Rozita!

I have been working with Rozita Moshtagh for six months now, all via telemedicine due to COVID. There seems to be very little to no interest for traditional healthcare providers to seek a proactive approach to health. Or maybe that is the HMO approach, either way I find it very backwards. This prompted me to look into Naturopathic Medicine to balance out my hormones and hopefully improve my overall general health. After reviewing hormone and blood tests I was guided to a diet plan and natural supplements to support my body in areas of concern. I have understood for a while now that even a seemingly healthy diet in the US needs extra support due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in our crops/ soil but knowing how to navigate natural supplements with your specific needs is tricky. It is great to have a trained partner to guide a proactive approach to health and help educate.......Nicole...BY Telemedicine

I had long-standing autoimmune issues for over 20 years that caused inflammation throughout my body's internal organs. I became increasingly fatigued and was in a lot of pain on a daily basis.  Although skeptical, I decided to try a naturopathic approach because nothing else seemed to help at a foundational level.  At first, I was resistant to making the changes suggested.  Begrudgingly, I went along with it and within a couple of weeks of being on Dr. Moshtagh's regimen, the pain in the lower half of my body almost completely vanished. After another 3 months, the pain in the upper half of my body was very significantly decreased.  Before this, if I were to ever inhale second hand smoke, my esophagus and lungs would immediately start hurting because of inflammation.  This made living in a city and traveling very difficult (because people always smoke after getting off of airplanes, trains, etc.). For the first time in over a decade, I can inhale second hand smoke without any pain. Seeing flashing lights would also immediately trigger a migraine.  This would make going on vacation to tourist destinations or to weddings very difficult / impossible for me.  I can now see flashing lights without any pain.  I cannot overstate how significantly these changes have improved my quality of life.  Lastly, because of all of the inflammation, my doctor told me that I was in the "high risk" category for developing cancer, which was weighing heavy on me as a new mother.  I no longer think this is the case.  Although I'm not done taking the regimen yet, I finally feel like I really am on the path to health. by Tara TELEMEDICINE

I have seen multiple naturopaths before and I am very happy with Dr. Rozita. She takes the time to listen to all my concerns and answers my questions truthfully. She had identified the reason behind my symptoms were due to a high viral load wreaking havoc on my system and the labs later confirmed them. All the supplements are gentle and herb based. She works with me on my health goals and meets me where my current needs and what is realistic for me to do. She doesn't push and is very respectful. I feel like she is supportive and I can always text her whenever I have a question or concern. She is highly accessible and knowledgeable. I am still on my healing journey and trust that her protocols will provide me with relief and healing.      

By Ivette who has been our patient for last one year for ongoing care by TELEMEDICINE!

Dr. Rozita has been helping my mom through phone consultations (due to Covid/social distancing) for about 3 months now and I have seen a drastic change in my mother's health. What she has been able to do for my mom I can never thank her enough. My mother was diagnosed with "scleroderma" about a year ago and had been taking all types of prescription drugs for this disease which only made her health further deteriorate. After seeking out all different kind of doctors/ specialists we finally decided it was best to go for a natural approach. At that point as a family, we were desperate to do anything to help my mom. We were lucky enough to come across Dr. Rozita. After about 3 weeks into following her recommendations and taking the natural supplements she prescribed her my moms health started to noticeably change. I finally am starting to see my mom smile after a long time and we are beyond grateful. Thank you again so so much.

May 13, 2021 Through TELEMEDICINE!

Sarah L: March 2021 Through TELEMEDICINE!:

Dr. Rozita has been amazing before my daughter's brain tumor diagnosis and during. The vitamins and supplements=Naturopathic Protocol have been so important during her treatments. I am also taking some of the immunity vitamins as well. I have learned so much from Dr. Rozita. It isn't easy making a teenager take all these supplements, but integrative medicine is so important for our society! My daughters Brain tumor has shrunk 30% in only 1 month ONLY!!!  with four Avastin treatments and the supplements for brain cell health/tumors that Dr. Rozita recommended. It take a village! So glad I found you Dr. Rozita.  By Telemedicine

Dr. Moshtagh was so helpful from day one. I have a history of miscarriages and I was having complications at the begging of my pregnancy.  I called Dr Moshtagh and she helped me by prescribing Hormones my body needed. She looked deep into the root of the cause of my 10 miscarriages! Ran test that my OB wouldn't ( I had to practically beg my OB to order them).  I am now 9 weeks pregnant with the help of Dr. Moshtagh, Thank you! By K. H. May 2021 Through TELEMEDICINE!


I am a mom with 9 months old baby, still breast feeding and I couldn't sleep (Insomnia) the whole nights for 3 months with severe postpartum anxiety and Dr Rozita helped me sleep better and my anxiety gone in one month of treatment. If you want to get treated see her for sure.....By Telemedicine

Sana Serene:

First off, I went to general practice doctor who misdiagnosed me for 4 years. I didn’t know much about naturopathic medicine until I had lost all faith in modern medicine, getting prescribed antibiotics way too many times. Dr. Rozita brought my health back. Yes it took some lab tests but these were more in depth and each were needed to rule out what might have been the issue. Eventually I was put on a diet and supplements that slowly made me feel better and better over the 3-6 month period. I did some detox, boosted my immunity, gut bacteria, liver cleanse and so on. Yes it’s not a pill but true healing takes time. Now I know that Naturopathic doctors get to the root cause of an illness and heal the body as a whole. Thank you Dr. Rozita


Eddie G.

3/2/2021 Through TELEMEDICINE!

When I first talked to Dr. Rozita, I was desperate and in great need of help. I was seeing another doctor for 6 years and did exactly what they told me, but I wasn't getting any better. I searched online and found that Dr Rozita was the best bc she was an expert on the problems I was experiencing. My insomnia was getting worse ( I hadn't slept for almost a week and felt exhausted all the time ) my hormones were off and my blood levels needed work. She was patient and encouraging and recommended that I do a couple of blood tests to understand more about what was really going on inside my body. When the blood work came back, she recommended some supplements and change of diet. I started taking the supplements and followed her instructions and I have been sleeping for two months. I feel the best I have ever felt in so many years. I have more energy, my testosterone levels are getting better, I'm more alert and I'm so much happier. She knew exactly how to treat me and put me at ease the entire time. I feel so blessed and thankful and grateful that I found her. I have recommended her to my friends and family. She is now treating my wife and I feel that my wife is in the best hands. Thank you Doctor Rozita for all your help. I'm eternally grateful for everything you have done for me. You gave me a second chance. You will be my doctor for life. If anyone is reading this review and is looking for a doctor that will change your life for the better, Dr Rozita is the one for you. You will not regret it!       By Telemedicine

2/7/2021 by TELEMEDICINE!

I have been suffering with migraines for many years. None of the "MD's" I have seen have been able to figure out why or how to help treat me. I have been prescribed so many medications, had so many ER visits and have seen specialists that want me to start taking a daily preventative medication for my migraines that have worse side effects than the migraines themselves. After extensive testing and research Rozita prescribed me with a vitamin regimen tailored to my needs. Since I implemented her recommendations into my life my migraines have significantly improved! Its been 2 weeks and counting and I have not had a migraine. That might not sound like much but i typically have 5-6 migraines per week. Typically i go to bed with a migraine and wake up the next day with one for days on end. For years they have rolled my life. Now thanks to the right treatment, i am finally seeing the results I have hoped for so long!

By Katerina



I been dealing with unknown symptoms no diagnosis. I been to different doctors but I was always been told it was my anxiety causing my symptoms. After dealing with countless doctors I decided to go through a natural/holistic route. Dr. Moshtagh helped me identify what causing my symptoms. She started me on protocol in healing my gut. She did let me know that healing gut takes a long time to heal. I'm still in the process of healing. She also identified that I have hormone imbalance. She started me on bio identical progesterone. I seriously can say it's a gamer changer for me. I'm able to function more. My anxiety and ability to handle stress is better. My hair and nails are starting to grow. I noticed my skin is also starting to get better as I continue to heal my gut. I highly recommend Dr. Moshtagh if you are going through unknown illnesses.

     By R. H. Hormonal Imbalance Patient 

8/4/2020 Has Been our patient since April 2020: Telemedicine

What a Journey it has been trying to rebalance my health, after discovering the condo I was renting had MOLD damage; lived in it for 3 yrs and thought all I had was allergy symptoms (Growth on leg, Inner ear itch, Shortness of breath, heart palpation, confusion, high BP, & more) Dr. Rozita stepped in as my 3rd Naturopathic doctor, ordered tests (unfamiliar to my HMO PCP) to discover inflammation in my body, Thyroid, Adrenal, Cardiovascular immune just to name a few was very disrupted. Happy to share 3 yrs of High BP, it's now back to my High School active days, no more SOB, or Brain Fog, & energy is improving daily, under her care, I now have HOPE! Dr. Rozita, is an exceptional listener, Patient & Professional. I walk in GRATITUDE, having her as my partner in health on this Journey we call LIFE -Thank You Doc!                

By Erica: Hormonal Imbalance, Mold Exposure Patient, High Blood pressure

Found Dr. Rozita on yelp I became desperate to find a natural path Dr since I was recently diagnosed with MS and Parkinson's and could not believe it since the symptoms I was having weren't convincing me it was MS. Dr. Rozita had me do some test to rule of the cause of my problems and turned out to be not MS I was completely deficient in certain areas of my nervous system and metabolic function. It was pricy but if we're looking to treat the root cause and having a Dr listen to your concerns this is the way to go! Dr. Rozita has been a blessing to me. With Dr. Rozita you can text her any questions and SHE WILL RESPOND!!! Not like a MD Dr. at a clinic that's limited to 15 min per patient and you hope to get through all your questions and then times up, not with her! Definitely recommend Dr. Rozita for all your health needs!!! God Bless you Dr. Rozita by Claudia O.


5/23/2019 YELP REVIEW:

If you are looking for a doctor who will actually care about you and do whatever it takes to help you get better, look no further than Dr. Rozita. I'm not one to leave reviews in general, but after 12 years of seeking help for chronic issues between me & my children; I thankfully found my way to her. She has gone out of her way to make sure we are getting what we need - whether its availability by phone (yes! A doctor you can actually CALL & have them pick up their phone and talk to you), helping me figure out the best treatment for our budget or consistently checking in to see how we're doing. She is exceedingly well educated and yet she continues to study and to attend advanced training seminars so she can best help her patients. When is the last time your doctor went to a class just so they could help YOU? Dr. Rozita is like that!! She doesn't accept failure or "good enough." She won't stop until she knows you are well. She is passionate about true healing and about caring for people. You won't go wrong by seeing her; she will get you better! You also won't have to deal with office staff --- she takes care of everything personally.  

By Rae: GI Issues


Dr Rozita is incredible! I am 30 years old. I was Diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder 6 years ago. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions since I was diagnosed and have dealt with depression about 80% of the time. The last year I have been glued to the couch, depressed with no drive or energy and completely miserable. I was desperate so I searched the internet for any possible solution, because my medication was doing nothing for my energy and depression. First homeopathic doctor I saw that said she works with bipolar patients charged about $750 for an initial visit. My disability income could not afford that. I came across Dr Rozita Moshtagh on Groupon, I saw that for $50 I could get the same consultation. I called her and she was extremely friendly and personable over the phone. I described my symptoms and she confidently said don't worry, come and see me, I can guarantee that I'll make you feel better. I was cautious at first because I have thrown away thousands of dollars on false promises in the past. She gave me an incredible discount on quality products that addressed my particular symptoms. The first couple days that I took them I felt a little funny and was kind of disappointed because I figured it wasn't going to work like everything in the past. After sticking with it for about 2 weeks, I am so shocked at how much better I feel. I haven't felt this good in at least 2 years. My energy levels are high, I can workout all day. I have no anxiety. I don't have anxiety pains and swelling in my neck and chest, and no more breathing problems. I don't have uncontrollable food cravings anymore, the intense brain fog is gone. I finally feel confident enough to start going out more and also start working again. I am so grateful that I found her.
A sincerely happy customer,
Jordan W. Kearney 2016



I’m so grateful for having found Dr. Rozita. My visit was long overdue. Dr Rozita found the cause of my symptoms within the first visit. Things that conventional doctors have been missing for years. Conventional medicine only put a “bandage”, which caused more severe problems. Doctor Rozita targeted the source of the problem. Ever since I have been 100% natural.  Each day is a work in progress and I can see and feel the difference in every aspect of my life. I feel so much better mentally, physically, and spiritually.      

Selena the Patient: Schizophrenic Patient that completely healed up

Melissa Butler

2 reviews

4 days agoNEW

I suffered from infertility and doctor Rozita did complete hormonal and blood tests. As I had PPO insurance with high deductible she put the order through Profesional coop labs which is under labcorp and costs 1/3 of actual labcorp and …More


2 reviews

6 days agoNEW

My mother is in menopause state. MDs didn’t do anything for her and she was in severe pain and severe osteoporosis state. Dr. Rozita put her on natural medicine and natural bio-identical Hormones like progesterone and Biest that helped her …More

Stacy W

1 review

2 weeks agoNEW

A coworker of mine mentioned she was seeing Dr. Rozita and I asked her what she charges for a visit since most Naturopathic doctors don't take insurance and charge an insane $400+ PER hour. She told me she was affordable, so I immediately …More

Zoe Wells

1 review

4 weeks ago

I am so happy to have found Dr. Rozita! She has helped me immensely in treating the root cause of my autoimmune condition amongst other things when I reached rock bottom. The road has not been easy as I had met with her two times before I …More

Lyra Nicholson

4 reviews

a month ago

I suffered from skin rash and itchyness all over my body for months and doctors couldn’t find the cause. Dr Rozita did complete blood tests and found out the cause and treated it with natural medicine that has a healing power and my skin …More

Anthonio T.rubio

1 review

a month ago

Brought my wife to see Dr Rozita for her hormone imbalances and after 3 months has showed lots of improvement. She has a lot of knowledge and experience and also kind and patient with us. Definitely recommend.

Henry K

13 reviews·13 photos

2 months ago

What can I honestly say? Well I'm just another happy customer :)
I have seen different doctors before, from specialist to other naturopathic doctors. So far I have had an amazing experience with my health. I will defenetly recommend Dr Rozita

Response from the owner2 months ago

You did this yourself Henry as you did all tests doctor asked plus did the treatment protocol given by Doctor. Very happy to hear this: yes we did complete blood test and comprehensive stool test:GI Map and found the causes then we treated the causes by naturopathic or natural medicine. 

melina arana

1 review

2 months ago

Response from the owner2 months ago

Thanks dear. Yes we did complete blood test and GI map test and found the causes of your conditions esp gallbladder and kidney stone and thyroid imbalances and we treat your condition with natural medicine and takes time to heal these imbalances. 


Daniela boveda

1 review

2 months ago

May daughter have been suffering from foot pain and headaches I took her to several doctors non of them were able to find what was wrong with her her ,until I took her to Dr Rozita , she look at her lab work and right away pin point what …More

Response from the owner2 months ago

As I analyzed her blood tests in detail and saw that her liver enzymes and inflammation markers were high that were ignored by her Medical Doctor …so I balanced those imbalances with natural medicine that had a healing power and treats the cause of her condition. 

Karen Colom

1 review

2 months ago

I am grateful that y brother referred me to Dr. Rozita. I was going through menopause, the drop of hormones affected my nervous system, my heart with AFIB, and other symptoms. Dr. Rozita evaluated me and provided me with hormones treatments and supplements. I am now at a 95% of recovery. I recommend the Naturopathic way.

Response from the owner2 months ago

Yes I did complete blood test and found out that your GFR is low that is affecting your heart ♥️ plus do many hormonal imbalances as of menopause. Then I addressed and treated those imbalances with natural medicine that has a healing power that is why you felt 95% better…..good job 

Katie Arena

2 reviews

2 months ago

For a couple years I was struggling with a myriad of symptoms- brain fog, anxiety, poor concentration, fatigue, bad PMS, migraines/headaches, etc. I didn't want to take drugs but wanted to get to the root of things and feel better. When …More

Jaze 1976

17 reviews

2 months ago

Excellent Customer Service! All the treatments here changed my life! Great people! The Doctor is excellent! She takes her time explaining everything that is needed for us before and after every treatment plan! Excellent!


1 review

3 months ago

Thank God! For Dr. Rozita she is amazing she knows what she is doing . Very happy to be her patient. I came to her with many health issues GI Issues, many Imbalances, heavy periods, and I was about 50 pounds overweight, etc. I feel …More

Alana Ferrara

3 reviews

3 months ago

I have had great experience so far. I was diagnosed with endometriosis, ibs, and bipolar before coming and I have seen an improvement in all of my symptoms. The natural medicines and progesterone I was prescribed have really helped me so …More

Corinna Abbott

1 review

3 months ago

To say that this woman is incredible is an understatement. She knows her stuff! I've had issues with my hair and skin for the past 5 years and doctors ran every test they could on me to see why my hair was falling out and everything came …More

Tony Acosta

1 review·5 photos

3 months ago

Very knowledgeable, and very kind, she really showed interest in our well being, I ready recomend her to my family and friends.

Response from the owner3 months ago

Yes we did complete blood test along complete Hormonal test and found out that your inflammation markers are high and we stated addressing those that causes disease Now and in the future. 

angelik k

3 reviews

4 months ago

I’ve been on hormones for 1 year now with Dr.Moshtagh which has helped me so much with my menopause issues!! These things take time but I swear with her treatment plan you will be feeling great!! She really takes time to evaluate my labs …More


1 review

4 months ago

I have been under the care of Dr Rozita Moshtagh for about 6 months now and I'm very happy I found her. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease 3 years ago I struggled to find a good endocrinologist to help me with all my agonizing …More

Ella Sanchez

6 reviews

5 months ago

I suffered from breast tumor and doctor Rozita Did complete hormonal test and complete blood test and found the causes of my breast issue. Then she balanced my bad hormones that caused that. My breast getting better and better as I go on in …More

Azrael Villegas

2 reviews

5 months ago

After one month under Dr. Rositas care, I was able to see dramatic changes in all my blood work. She noticed inconsistencies in my labs that my primary doctors didn’t address. I fell stronger and energized.

Cristina Greene

6 reviews

5 months ago

I suffered from menopause symptoms like severe hot flashes, dry skin, vaginal dryness, Breast lump, headaches, severe depression, severe insomnia and anxiety. Dr Rozita did complete Dutch or neurohormone test plus complete blood test that …More

Donna Ramirez

1 review

5 months ago

Its been a huge blessing to have met Dr Rozita she has helped me with the issues I was dealing with due to mold exposure and I started to show skin issues, anxiety, insomnia, and hormonal imbalance she helped me with all of that she is so …More

Erika Sasada

1 review

5 months ago

She is one of the best doctor! My health improved a lot after seeing her consultation!

Christina Potter

5 reviews

5 months ago

Jennifer Gibson

5 reviews

5 months ago

I am a male and suffered from Low testosterone and hair loss. Dr. Rozita did complete hormonal test and found out about my high DHT and low testosterone and very high Estrone and balanced my hormones with natural medicine plus HCG shots that helped me to increase my testosterone level.

Myra Brewer

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5 months ago

I am a male and suffered from Low testosterone and hair loss. Dr. Rozita did complete hormonal test and found out about my high DHT and low testosterone and very high Estrone and balanced my hormones with natural medicine plus HCG shots …More

Londwe Jackson

5 reviews

5 months ago

I have been seeing Dr. Rozita Moshtagh since March 2020 and she has had such a positive impact on my life it’s hard to sum up in just an online review. But Dr. Rozita Moshtagh has helped me get to the root cause of my hormone imbalances, …More

Kristin Fields

5 reviews

5 months ago

I am a female who struggled with systemic candidiasis for the past 2 years. I did all the medical protocol: Nystatin, Flucanozole, endoscopy, ENT specialist etc. I KNEW I needed to see a naturopath and I found Dr. Rozita based on her …More

Norma Gill

6 reviews

5 months ago

Very kind hearted doctor, she really cares about her patients and wants to help in any way she can.
She is passionate about what she does. In my opinion lots of the things …More


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