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Weight Loss


In our Clinic we offer WEIGHT LOSS and DETOX PROTOCOLS to help you lose weight and become healthier with:

  • Natural Homeopathic weight loss: Homeopathic according to your BODY TYPE

  • Different Detox Protocols

  • MIC Shots + B12 Shots + Skinny Shots

  • IV Therapy

  • Doing Different lab tests to find and treat the cause

  • Nutrient Deficiency Test

  • Genetic Testing

  • Leptin Test

  • HCG Diet and Shots

  • Lipovite

  • Lipotonix

  • etc

   Weight Gain depends on Thyroid Function, Methylation and Detoxification pathway of your body plus microbiome balance, so we find the cause and treat you for the CAUSE.

So it will customized According to Each patients condition and what is causing the weight gain in that Patient as Individual.


Professional Co-op Blood Test Request and Analysis depend on Insurance (HMO, PPO) with High Deductibles or out of Pocket Rates.     



We provide you a superbill with CPT codes for reimbursement by PPO.

Other ways of coverage:

Health Savings Account: HSA

Flexible Spending Account: FSA

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