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Happy Treated Patient

I am so happy I decided to seek treatment with Dr. Rozita Moshtagh and am feeling much better already. I had no idea my health was in such dire straights until after my blood work came back and Dr. Rozita made me feel confident that she could help me actually heal and not just throw drugs at me. My mom was on Synthroid for her thyroid and with my weight gain along with not being able to loose weight I figured I suffered from Hypothyroidism but I have more problems than that and thank God I have Dr. Rozita as my doctor because she knows what she is doing to help me with everything. My heart, liver, kidneys, and upper GI needs attention even more than my thyroid and she addresses it all with diet and supplements along with only a few prescription medications and these prescriptions are all compounded from natural ingredients instead of synthetic or petroleum based medications and that is really important to me. If you watch any commercials on any prescription meds the side effects are worse than the health issue they are supposed to help and Dr. Rozita understands our bodies can be healed and not just butchered or polluted with drugs that are used to make big pharma money. I know if I needed surgery or anything more invasive she would recommend and refer if needed but like I said I am thankful I decided to make that first appointment because not only have I lost 18 pounds by changing my diet and taking my meds and supplements along with my energy levels improving and sleeping better than I have in years. I am not always an easy patient but Dr. Rozita follows up and keeps me on trac so that alone sets her apart from other providers, she honestly cares about her patients and that too means a lot to me. Naturopathic Medicine is not out to charge you an unreasonable amounts of money like some other ND's and MD's because I looked into a lot of other providers before deciding on Dr. Rozita and she was the most qualified and her website lays out the prices and treatment very clear and compared to other providers of naturopathic medicine and MD's who accept insurance she has the best prices. We have Cigna and this did cover most of my blood work but we have to meet a quota of like $8K per person before it even starts to cover half of our medical so I would be paying for treatment anyway. This doctor is worth every penny and since she has been my doctor I not only feel physically better but my state of mind has improved, because if your body isn't working properly your emotions, critical thinking and general outlook is compromised. In a nutshell I recommend Dr. Rozita especially if your regular doctor or doctors (since all these modern MD's are so specialized so they don't treat the whole person only their specialty) aren't fixing your health problem or simply passing you off to the next provider.


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