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Addiction Treatment

By Kimberly Hayes: Forks in the Road: Traditional and Alternative Treatments for Addiction Recovery The road to addiction recovery is different for everyone. There will often be forks in the road, and each path has its own unique challenges. What’s important is to remain as honest with yourself as possible to identify the best path to take. Traditional Paths Many addiction treatments today use methods that have been used for decades. These methods have been proven to be rather effective and usually begin with detoxing under medical supervision in order to clear the body. Traditional treatment programs, according to National Institute of Drug Abuse, might include: ● Long-term residential treatment: This provides care 24 hours a day and can range from six to 12 months. ● Short-term residential treatment: This treatment ranges from three to six weeks and is based on participation in support groups. ● Outpatient programs: This type of treatment can include therapy sessions, medical supervision, and group counseling. Both long-term and short-term treatments are good options for patients lacking an extensive family support group in their home. For example, people that live alone, are homeless, or are currently far away from their family and supportive friends can use these treatments. An outpatient program can work better for those with a circle of support around them in their everyday lives and those possibly dealing with other medical or mental health issues. Other Things to Consider

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